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Pool Screen Repair

Unlock the Benefits of Pool Screen Enclosures: Your Ticket to Savings on Pool Repair

Unique Opportunities to repair your pool screen enclosure. it helps remove contaminants from the water and keep it clear and healthy. When a filter is polluted or incorrectly cleaned, your pool’s system pressure is impacted, causing parts connected to your plumbing to perform insufficiently and potentially deteriorate. We are ready to handle the dirty work, so your only concern should be how long to spend in your crystal-clear pool.

Is It Worth To Repair The Top Of The Pool Screen Enclosure?

Unlock the Benefits of Pool Screen Enclosures: Your Ticket to Savings on Pool Repairs! In some situations, yes, especially if the damage is not as visible and drastic. But, depending on the screen’s wear level, repairs may not be sufficient. Ideally, examine and evaluate how degraded the top of the pool screen enclosure is. The greater the defects, the harder it will be to get around without making it look visibly bad.

How To Determine If the damage Is Repairable

Is It Fixable? How to Determine the Repairability of Damage Let’s begin by telling you that damage caused by bad weather (like hurricanes and storms) is usually irreversible. In most cases, in which screens are pulled out or torn apart, the best alternative is to change them. Moreover, the damages listed in the previous section are repairable, as long as within reasonable limits. For example, small holes, the size of marbles, can be fixed. But, fissures caused by falling from a tree branch or by a stone will be challenging. You can still fix the holes, but it will be a visible patch (and an ugly one, probably).

How to fix holes on your pool screen Enclosure

If the holes are not too big, here’s what you need to do. Starting with the equipment, you will need: Screen repair kit patches A cutting device, like scissors Clear silicone caulking A pole patio porch screen (choose the color closest to the one you’re patching) Paper towel or old rag.

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