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brush paint vs spray paint

The Ultimate Fight Brush Paint Vs Spray Paint is to be Decided NOW!

The patio is something your doing once or twice in a lifetime and you want it always to look, most of my clients are wish to renew patio always ask me the same thing what is better to brush or paint the aluminium,

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Spray is ALWAYS better then Brush, spray job require much more preparation but the color quality and the final result will last for 7-20 years.

There is Few Steps that are Require to get best result for your patio,

Step 1. Removing all existing layers of screen

Step 2. Pressure Wash all the aluminium frame and make sure to remove all the molding and spider webs,

Step 3. Clean Surface and Cover the Floor and Walls from Spray.

Step 4. Spray 2 layers on Aluminium and make sure they are equal as possible and not to use to much spray on 1 location.

Step 5. Replacing most of the screws and put new Screen.

It’s Doesn’t Means that Brush is Bad its also good if your doing it the right way and with OIL BASE PAINT!

then it willl last 3-5 years something even more and its also much more cheaper then Spray job but the Result is almost thesame

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