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Sliding Door Repair in Charlotte County

Sliding Door Repair

Do you want a gorgeous new sliding door built or your current sliding door to move as smoothly as it once did? A broken sliding glass door can harm your family’s safety and be troublesome. That is why it is crucial to repair your sliding doors earliest possible.[contact-form-7 id=”616″ title=”Contact Page Form”]

A Door That’s Difficult to Slide

It may be necessary to adjust or install new rollers on a door that is difficult to slide. To ensure a smooth slide, our sliding door repair professionals will clean the bottom door track and remove any debris, no matter how small. Depending on how often it is used and how the weather varies, a sliding glass door roller may need to be adjusted.

To raise or lower the rollers, our experts can use the adjusting screws at the bottom of the metal door frame, and then make further adjustments until the door slides correctly.

Broken Hardware

The hardware on a sliding glass door will decay with time, just like that of any door or window. It is commonly necessary to replace damaged sliding glass door hardware. Our sliding door repair experts routinely replace the rollers, wheels, tracks, guides, bumpers, locks, strikes, and keepers on sliding glass doors.

A Ripped Screen

One of a sliding glass door's best advantages is the screen! A sliding screen door that matches the size of your sliding glass door allows fresh air into your house. Your door's functionality is compromised and its usefulness to your family is lowered by a damaged or ripped screen.

Cracked or Shattered Glass

A sliding glass door crack needs to be fixed right away for security reasons. Your family and pets are in danger of injury from broken glass. Plus, if the glass is broken and simple to kick out, your property will be a prime target for burglars. In addition to replacing the current glass, our sliding door repair experts may also install enhanced glass, such as tinted, textured, or upgraded with energy-saving features.