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Pets often get excited and can accidentally damage screen doors and pool enclosures. Patio Screen Pro offers practical solutions to prevent this, ensuring your home remains secure and your pets safe.

Pet-Resistant Screens

For smaller pets, durable vinyl-coated polyester screens are ideal. These screens maintain natural light and airflow while withstanding pet claws and pressure, making them perfect for front and patio doors.

Sturdy Pet Guards

For larger pets, woven metal pet guards offer a strong barrier to prevent pets from charging through screens. These guards come in various designs and colors, enhancing both protection and aesthetics.

Convenient Pet Doors

If your home has an enclosed yard, a pet screen door is an excellent solution. These doors allow your pets to move freely without causing damage to your screens. Patio Screen Pro offers doors with pre-installed pet access or can retrofit your existing screen doors.

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Pool Screen Enclosures

Pets can also pose a risk to pool screen enclosures. Patio Screen Pro provides reinforced screens designed to withstand pet activity, ensuring your pool area remains safe and secure. These screens are perfect for maintaining visibility and ventilation while offering robust protection against pet damage.

Additional Tips to Protect Your Screens and Enclosures

  • Visual Markers: Place stickers at pet eye level to alert them to the presence of screens.
  • Training: Use positive reinforcement techniques to teach pets boundaries and prevent them from running into screens.
  • Regular Maintenance: Frequently inspect your screens for damage and make necessary repairs to maintain their integrity.
  • Smart Furniture Placement: Arrange furniture away from screens to prevent pets from using it as a launchpad.
  • Scent Deterrents: Utilize non-toxic, pet-safe scents to discourage pets from approaching screens and enclosures.

Why Choose Patio Screen Pro?

Our team of experts provides customized solutions tailored to fit your home’s design and your pet’s behavior. We ensure professional installation and offer guidance on maintenance, guaranteeing long-lasting protection for your screens and enclosures.

Contact Patio Screen Pro today to explore your options and keep your screens, enclosures, and pets safe!

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